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Global Energy Storage to anticipated to reach 158 GW by 2024 globally.

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Reduction in costs of Renewables Technology / Hardware since 2010

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Voltage problems on the grid will slow down the amount of batteries installed behind the meter by households and businesses because the same voltage problems reduce the ROI of batteries for VPP. VPP batteries are critical to decarbonisation as they store solar energy that is then used when needed in the building but crucially, also exported to the grid when needed. This VPP eliminates the need for carbon-intensive or polluting peak power plants that are built almost solely to supply electricity during peak loads. They also provide frequency, control and ancillary services to the grid, which become increasingly important as grids integrate increasing amounts of distributed energy resources – such as rooftop solar systems.

Exporting energy to the grid is a crucial part of making batteries viable sooner but this cannot happen consistently when there is a voltage problem in the grid, which will progressively increase as we install more rooftop solar.

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400 KW – likely size with ZERO Export in place and all energy used onsite.

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