Our Difference

We provide a wide ranging, integrated solution to business turnarounds that consultants and liquidators cannot deliver.

1. We are better at achieving results with businesses that are in distress and in need of immediate action.

2. For those who pass our initial assessment, we have a 98% success rate.

3. Our principals have owned and managed businesses successfully - 'hands on'. Chances are one of our professionals has either worked in, managed or rebuilt a business just like yours. We have turned around businesses in manufacturing, engineering wholesaling and distribution, professional services, finance, retail, as well as marketing and sales enterprises.

4. We have developed strong strategic alliances with specific finance companies that understand the benefits of what we do and are more willing to lend funds to businesses we are involved in. They know of our track record in successfully assisting businesses to get back on the right track. These financiers respect our judgement and assessment of businesses we seeking to finance.

5. We focus on fixing the real issues and factors that are causing the under performance or failure of your business to ensure we deliver a sustainable turnaround. Many consultants will only focus on the symptoms of the problem such as reducing costs, regaining financial and management control and refinancing. Sustainable Turnarounds also examines the underlying causes, such as rapid market and competitive changes, which the business has failed to anticipate and respond to. Our experience shows most businesses experiencing difficulties need strategic change both in the way they engage the market and their business-operating model. Without this, the benefits of cost reduction and tightened cash-flow management will be short lived. Strategic turnaround management is a particular focus of Sustainable Turnarounds.

6. Our elite team has a broad cross section of skills - each experienced and trained in all areas essential to your success:

Strategic marketing and sales, including product and service development, all forms of research, pricing, promotions and advertising development

7. Our business processes have been both designed and proven to deliver:

8. We work with professional service providers, (e.g. accountants, lenders) to complement and enhance the range of services they offer to their clients.

9. Our network of Alliance Partners share similar values, work ethics and underlying principles - above all else they proactively help their clients succeed.

10. Our team services a broad area: Southeast Queensland, Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter region, Melbourne and Geelong, including key regional centres Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong.

11. Our turnarounds involve solutions that will work for the long term. For example, when negotiating with stakeholders we do not cut suppliers or creditors off. We are skilled at negotiating and working with them.

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