1. Kitchen Manufacturer

Previous Position
Losing $200k p.a

The Owners Story:
“We were a management team made up of tradesmen without the management qualifications or training needed to properly manage a business at a time when we really ran into liquidity problems. Starting with the short term business and marketing plan, Sustainable Turnarounds gave us immediate access to all the skills we needed which including the following..."

"We never knew people like this were out there to help us over such a short period. Their follow up was terrific and they could always be contacted if we felt we were in trouble. In moving into the black with profits, sales increased from $80K to $160K per month within twelve months."

Reduced overheads $250K, exited retail operations, focused on wholesale/ resellers, increased selling prices around 15%, streamlined costing and manufacturing operations, refinanced.

Budgeted and on track to make $200K in first year- a $400,000 turnaround.

2. Refrigeration/ Air Conditioning Servicer

Previous Position:
Loss of over $500K, liabilities $2M - assets $300K Market mainly local domestic, dairy, warranty.

Long established Refrigeration Company with sales of $4M and 35 employees.

Business was servicing loss making domestic appliance and major supplier warranty work. Sustainable Turnarounds were appointed to turn the businesses profitability around and avoid the accountant’s recommendation to liquidate.

Repositioned into commercial and mining - exited loss warranty domestic work, refinanced business, updated financial reporting.

Sales of $3.6M and profits of $500K in first year- creditors maintained supply- Accountant/ funder/ legal – referrer accountant has bigger more successful customer.

3. Pet Food Manufacturer

Previous position:
Failed $6M float placed the company in serious trouble.

Sustainable Turnarounds worked with the owners to rationalize what was needed to bring two of Australia’s largest pet food suppliers under one roof and put together a business plan and investment proposal.

Successful proposal attracted major funders to the level of $3.5 M.

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