Phase 1

Days 1 3

Crisis Management and Immediate action plan

Reducing costs, regaining financial and management control and refinancing are all typical elements of the crisis management phase of a turnaround.

It is also essential in the early stages of a turnaround to analyse the underlying issues and the external competitive environment to establish the scope and scale of work needed to develop sustainable stability and growth in the long term.

We determine, with your input, your short term business plan, which includes:

Our Commitment to you

We ensure that the formulation of this short term business plan is a simple and easy to follow framework. Sustainable Turnarounds brings to this process our skills and knowledge of strategic marketing, commercial and insolvency law, finance and business acumen to ensure you get a comprehensive, but realistic plan fully capable of implementation. There are few business advisors that can apply such a diverse range of skills and experience to this process.

98% who achieve a good assessment are able to trade out... we work with you to take control.

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