Insolvency Practitioners

We Perform the Business Turnaround Function

Our Alliance Insolvency Practitioners share a similar philosophy to Sustainable Turnarounds in regard to the turnaround process. They acknowledge that because of the legal, operational and structural framework in which they must operate, they cannot perform the actual business turnaround role in a cost effective manner and therefore are prepared to perform their functions in conjunction with the work Sustainable Turnarounds do.

We engage before liquidation

They will need to refer clients who are struggling but not yet in need of liquidation or voluntary administration and actively promote our services to their referral network. Sustainable Turnarounds will refer these and other clients back to them if a formal insolvency administration is required.

We accept liquidation may well be necessary in some cases, and we will refer this kind of business.

Recognise businesses with potential to trade out of trouble. We will distance ourselves from Insolvency Practitioners who have the traditional ‘crash and burn’ attitude to potential clients and who are not interested, or don’t have the experience in first assessing the business turnaround potential.

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