Frequently Asked Questions

For those considering an Alliance Partnership

1. How much of your work is genuine turnarounds versus the improvement of a business that has stagnated?

In recent times about 50% of our clients are running businesses that are seeking ways of moving to the next level. Many of these clients are competent in their trade or service, but they havenít the skills or business management experience to quickly take them to that level. We are comfortable working with both businesses in difficulty and those that are just stagnating. Obviously we would like all our clients to become success stories.

2. You are qualified accountants with solid strategic marketing/ administration/ commercial law / tax backgrounds. Do you aim to compete with your referrers or their referrers?

We donít position ourselves with the client, as carrying out any of the above functions. We aim to work hand in hand with clients existing network of professional service providers. Work flows both ways from the client to the specific referrer and their referrer and Sustainable Turnarounds.

3.Where and how do you meet your clients?

Most of our clients are direct referrals through recommendations by previous clients or via referring accountants / lenders. Our first meeting, usually in the clientís office or at a convenient local venue, is free. After the first meeting we will be in a position to assess whether we can be of assistance.

If the referrer is not in attendance at the initial meeting, we will always provide feedback and our recommendations to them, so that they can best advise their clients.

4. Can you help all businesses?

We are more successful with businesses in manufacturing, engineering, wholesaling, distribution, construction services and professional services. We do not work with agricultural businesses.

5. What size does the business have to be?

$750k to $25M privately owned companies.

6. How much does it cost?

Each business has its own specific needs so we give them the option of a daily or hourly rate. We usually recommend the formulation of a short term business plan to enable both the client and ourselves to get a birdís eye picture of the desired direction, issues, outcome and actions on a shared realisation basis. As part of developing the clientís short term business plan, we rapidly analyse the underlying problems causing the strategic under-performance of the business. Very often these are masked by the clientís understandable focus on the immediate financial and management crisis.

Small businesses - Turnovers up to $2M
Can be covered usually in one to two days costing between $2-3K

Larger businesses - Turnover over $2M
Usually cost $4-5K.

We will work to understand market demand, competitive analysis and the dynamics of the business. We will look at the operation of the business in total. We will determine the real and often underlying issues that led to the strategic decline, and thus establish the scope and scale needed for a sustainable turnaround. Any subsequent action is then discussed with the client, with the costs and estimated timeframes clearly outlined. Where necessary, travel interstate/intrastate (usually Jetstar), accommodation etc, are usually paid for by the client.

7. Do you do all the work yourselves?

It is not desirable or cost effective for us to do all the work. We aim to pass on all accounting, tax, legal and administration work to the referrer or our regional Alliance Partners. Clients prefer this because of the cost savings, ease of access and continuity. We contract out advertising, brochure design and production, MYOB/ QuickBooks Bookkeeping and VA / Liquidation processes where and when it suits the clientís needs. Our recovery plan is very much a self realisation process. It is logical therefore, that we encourage the client to do as much of the work themselves as possible. Our job is to give them the confidence, knowledge, processes and framework to do so.

8. How long do you stay involved?

Most jobs are completed within one to three months from our initial engagement. Our aim is to give the client the tools and expertise to manage their business so we can all move on. Where required and depending on the client's confidence and their specific business developmental needs, we recommended that a follow up ďcontinuityĒ or review program, usually on a fortnightly or monthly basis be implemented over a six to twelve month period in conjunction with their business referrer.

9. What geographic areas do you cover?

Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Region, Melbourne, Geelong, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong are the areas we are best able to support and with the greatest need for our services. Our regional support network expansion has recently enabled us to service greater Victoria, Northern Queensland, and Western NSW.

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