Business Coaches and Mentors

Support your clients in need of serious and urgent assistance

Our Alliance Business Coaches and Mentors service clients with their basic business needs. They acknowledge and appreciate that the clients we deal with are more often than not in need of serious financial, marketing, administration or operational help. This help can often only come from properly qualified personnel.

Your clients will be returned to you in 3 months

Our Alliance Coaches and Mentors appreciate the unique skills and experience Sustainable Turnarounds have developed in working with struggling clients and see us as a specialized arm to the services they offer. Sustainable Turnarounds will hand back the client to the Business Coach or Mentor after the turnaround process is completed, which is normally within one to three months from our initial engagement.

Our team is made up of highly qualified individuals who aim to move quickly to bring about a turnaround or business growth outcome. However, we believe there remains the need, for our Coaches and Mentors to work with clients over the longer term to ensure momentum and on-going success.

We continue to work with you to achieve on going results

After the turnaround is complete and the client is handed back to our Alliance Business Coaches and Mentors, we will continue to be a valuable resource to you on any complex issues that may arise in the future.

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