Regional Accountants

Expand your Range of Services

Our Alliance Accountants are looking to expand their product range and see the services provided by Sustainable Turnarounds as complimentary to their existing range of services. They see Sustainable Turnarounds as a value added resource which helps fulfill a vision held for their clients, built around improving their clients business and future.

Your Market Area

Ideally, we would seek one or two Alliance Accountants in each region prepared to engage in revenue generating work in conjunction with Sustainable Turnarounds.

Services Your Clients Need

Clients often need more than tax advice and compliance work. In these difficult times many are in desperate need of assistance in strategic marketing, sales, management and/or cost accounting.

Many business owners started small but have grown into larger organisations. Their business skills, strategies and process may not have adapted with the expansion of their business. They need help in getting their businesses back on track and then having the right tools to keep it there.

Even though you may have the experience in regard to some of these skills, for many accountants it is hard to break away for the extended and concentrated periods of time that is needed to properly assist these clients.

Compliment your Existing Business

Sustainable Turnarounds will work in conjunction with yourselves, with the common aim of leaving you with a happy and more successful client.

We donít do tax or compliance work. Sustainable Turnarounds relationship with the client is limited to the period of the turnaround process, which is normally one to three months from our initial engagement.

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