Our Experience and Skill Base

The team at Sustainable Turnarounds possesses a very important attribute, built only through years of experience, which stands us apart from almost all other business support services, and their ‘claims’:

We are very experienced at running businesses.

Not only that, we demystify the process of business development so it is easy and simple for business owners to understand.

As a result of over 80 years of combined experience, our elite team has acquired a diverse range of skills and knowledge covering the following:

When appropriate, we will use other highly skilled professionals to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. See Alliance Opportunities. Our Experience & Skill Base, when put to work for your business means we understand all the fundamentals and the inter-relationships of these fundamentals within a business.

Consultants without a thorough understanding of the unique issues facing a struggling client, may use a structured ‘out of the box’ approach that fails to address the specific needs of the clients business. We understand the process of identifying the right strategy, but the key is in helping you implement it.

Many consultants may be able to identify problems with a business and provide a planned solution, but we have found very few actually guide the client through the implementation process, using existing resources. They instead hand over an expensive report and (mostly) walk away or recommend the implementation of costly systems that a struggling business cannot afford.

Dealing with a problem means identifying the cause – not selling you an expensive ‘band-aid’.

Many consultants will organise additional financing to solve a lack of cash flow, without addressing the fundamental causes of the problem – this only delays the inevitable with the client ending up in a worse financial position than before. We do not constrain ourselves to solutions that limit opportunities to your business.

One should be aware of some Insolvency Practitioners who actively promote their “business reconstruction” skills and yet the solutions they offer to business owners are limited to the formal insolvency administrations such as Liquidation and Voluntary Administration.

Sustainable Turnarounds see formal insolvency administrations as one of many possible tools that are available, but are only useful with a holistic approach to solving your business problems.

Many Insolvency Practitioners will recommend compromising creditor’s claims through a Deed of Company Arrangement which (like with additional financing) often targets the symptoms, but does not address the underlying causes of why a business is in distress. They also fail to inform their clients that the Voluntary Administration process if not done efficiently and with proper planning can be extremely expensive and erode significant working capital.

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