12 Questions we will help answer:

You are not alone or unique if these are the questions that keep you awake at night. Questions we aim to help answer.

  1. How can I improve or fix my cash flow?
  2. Should I borrow money? Can I? How can I?
  3. What is “going insolvent”? Am I "insolvent"? Can I get myself out of "insolvency"?
  4. How do I manage creditors or come to an arrangement?
  5. Are my personal assets under threat?
  6. How do I get control back? I feel “out of control”.
  7. How can I get people to support me instead of pressure me?
  8. I’ve lost focus on my customer, now I spend all of my time with creditors, how do I get my focus back?
  9. Is my business worth anything? How much is it worth?
  10. Should I try to sell my business? How? To whom?
  11. I can’t tell the wood from the trees, how do I change?
  12. I feel lost or helpless and can’t seem to find a workable solution, what should I do?
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